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Main Office:
Gary Sanitary District
3600 West 3rd Avenue
Gary, IN 46406
Phone: 219-944-0595
Fax: 219-977-8318

Jerome A. Prince,

Daniel F. Vicari, P.E., BCEE,
Executive Director

Sewer Complaints
Collections Department
Phone: 219-944-1211

Customer Service:
Tamra Clark
504 Broadway
Gary, Indiana 46402
Phone: 219-883-1027
Fax: 219-883-1029

Finance Department:
Phone: 219-944-0595 x1817
Fax: 219-944-0250

Office of the Board of Commissioners:
Willette Lee
Phone: 219-944-0595 x1810
Fax: 219-944-0723

Storm Water Coordinator (MS4)
Brenda Scott Henry, MBA PM
Phone: 219-882-3000

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